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Loofah Sponge Refill for FAAY Back Scrubber on Stick, 3 Packs


  • COMPATIBLE with FAAY Loofah Back Scrubber on a 17″ Teakwood stick
  • TWO SIDES SCRUBBER with this generous 3-pack of the highest quality 4″ x 6″ loofahs.
  • SAVE YOUR MONEY NOW because teakwood is long-lasting; only the loofah head must be replaced.
  • USE AS LOOFAH PAD because the loofah pads are sewn together in a unique pattern. This pad does not change shape much when expanded, making it easier to handle.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will be your best bet for a pleasing no-risk purchase.


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Bath Sponge

  • Gentle to body skin.
  • Remove dead skin cells.
  • Purify blemishes.
  • Decreases your chance of developing pimples.
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Dish Sponge

  • Non-Scratch.
  • Leaves no micro plastic on cookware.
  • Comes in handy size.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Not conduct heat when cleaning hob or stove.
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Back Scrubber

  • The handle is especially long to scrub your back.
  • The handle made of teak, light weigh yet durable.
  • Removes dead skin cells and decreases your chance of developing pimples.
  • For brighter, younger and clearer skin.
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EGYPTIAN LOOFAH: Extraordinary scrubber from nature.

Thailand is blessed with an abundant supply of clean water, fertile soil, and sufficient sunlight for Egyptian Loofah, the greatest type of loofah for exfoliation. The most significant feature is its firm and fine flesh generating nothing but dense and soft fiber.

To confirm your perfect health, we, the locals in Northeast of Thailand, use no additives and manage to collect only the best loofah for the best fiber. We hope our sincerity can be felt through every piece of products.

HEARTCRAFTED: The happiest people generate the highest quality products.

With this precious loofah work, the locals no longer have to leave their hometown in search of jobs. They can be with their family and strengthen the bond with their community.

Such a delightful working environment allows them to work carefreely and diligently, creating loving atmosphere and providing room for great craftsmanship. There is no greater source of inspiration than this. Your support is deeply appreciated.

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