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Loofah on a Stick Back Scrubber with 2 Natural Loofah Sponge Pads


17 inch Long Handle of Genuine Teakwood for Women & Men. Excellent Exfoliating, Relief from Itchy Skin.

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FINEST QUALITY 17″ LONG TEAKWOOD HANDLE with 2 pack of Natural Loofah Scrubbers. Use this for comfortably washing, brushing, and exfoliating your back, legs, feet. The long handle makes it very easy to reach all areas without having to strain your back or muscles. Works well for people of all heights for both men and women.

BIG WIDE 4″ x 6″ LOOFAH makes it easy to reach all those blind spots. Cover a lot of area with a single stroke. Showers and baths go quickly on days when you’re in a hurry to get ready for work. Helps keep skin healthy and much more beautiful.

USE BOTH SIDES of the Loofah for lots of expanded uses. Put soap on one side while leaving the other side to wash and rinse. This loofah provides exceptional sudsing.

DURABLE WON’T WARP thanks to the natural Teakwood. This favorite wood takes water and humidity well. It won’t warp even with hundreds of uses. The stick has a hanging loop so you can hang it up for quick dry.

ECO FRIENDLY safes our world buy using product from naturals, natural teak and natural loofahs are biodegradable.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will be your best bet for a pleasing no-risk purchase. Many customers love this set so much they return to buy another to give to a friend. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we have a new shipment in stock. This makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers – anyone who appreciates a superior quality loofah on a stick!

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EASY TO REACH YOUR ENTIRE BACK with this premium quality Natural Loofah Pad on LONG 17″ genuine Teakwood Stick. Excellent quality and very durable for years of pleasurable use. 

EXFOLIATES SKIN FOR BEAUTY & HEALTH. Use to soothe bothersome inching on back, legs, feet. Softens and smooths skin for less irritation. Perfect for both women and men.

TWO SIDES SCRUBBER with this generous 2 pack of highest quality natural 4″ x 6″ loofahs. Put your favorite soap on the pad for natural washing and exfoliation. Or put soap on one side and use the other for rinsing. Pull out stick and put soap inside the loofah. Hanger loop lets you hang stick for quick dry.

LOOFAH FITS SECURELY ON STICK and won’t fall, slip, or pull off when in use. Please see how to tie loofah on stick in picture. These loofahs have a natural string receptacle design that holds the sponge tightly to the stick. It’s quick and easy to get the correct fitting for a problem free experience.

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Why use NEEM WOOD from FAAY?

Did you feel annoying to plastic or silicone spatulas and spoons which always melt and burn after use and develop toxic and plastic into your food? ME TOO!!

Did you feel boring when you try to use wooden spoons and spatulas for your healthy, but it is bad quality with thin handle, dry, rough, splinters or glued.

Try our NEEM WOODEN COOKING UTENSILS!! You will notice our smooth grip which easy to handle and big enough hole for hanging in every piece. Our 5 pieces are selected from best seller cooking tools to be one set. You will be confident that every piece will be used in your beloved kitchen. Set included: Wooden spoon, Wooden spatula, Corner spoon, Slotted turner and Spoonula.

Moreover, the NEEM WOODs are high moist resistant wood. Each made from one single piece of wood No glued, No lacquer, only special polished products.

BUY NOW!! And get our Worried Free Policies. FREE REPLACEMENT!!! for crack or damage during transportation. 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! When you are not satisfied in our product. Just contact us.

  • ???? ESSENTIAL UTENSILS - 12" long, 3" wide, with 5 high quality wooden utensils for cooking. With big holes, easy for hanging; unlike those thin and flat utensils, our utensils set is long, easy and comfortable to grip with thick and smooth handle.
  • ???? WELL MADE - Handcraft with natural grain pattern. Constructed of Neem Tree Wood from Thailand. Neem, the multipurpose hardwood tree, is high moist resistance, termite and insect resistance. SMOOTH wood from our special polishing.
  • ???? WELL DESIGN - Our set are designed from the most popular cooking items, included Spoon, Corner Spoon, Spatula, Slotted Spatula and Spoonula. Great for serving, mixing, stirring, stir frying, flipping eggs, fish, pancakes, burger , and outdoor use.
  • ???? PROTECT - A must have spatula when cooking with nonstick cookware and bakeware; will not scratch nonstick, enamel coated or glass pots and pans.
  • ???? BUY NOW!! And get our Worried Free Policies. FREE REPLACEMENT!!! for crack or damage during transportation. 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! When you are not satisfied in our product. Just contact us.