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FAAY – 3 Layers Loofah Kitchen


Dish Sponges, 6 pack Multi-Purpose Scouring Pads, Non-Scratch Cleaning for Dishes Pots Pans Utensils Non-stick Cookware Kitchen Bathtub – 100% Handmade from Luffa Fiber.


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  • ????100% LOOFAH DISH SPONGE – ENHANCE YOUR WELL-BEING: Our dish sponges are made of 2 pieces of loofah tightly sew together with a handful of its fiber in between, making them thicker and more comfortable to use at the size of 2¾”x4¾”. Unlike plastic sponges, loofah ones leave no micro plastic on your kitchenware, which secures your next meal from being contaminated. They are non-scratch, and suitable for any type of cookware; They are not melted even when used with fairly hot range cooker.
  • ????100% ECO-FRIENDLY: Our loofah is collected from sustainable loofah field cultivated by the locals in Northeast of Thailand. With neither GMO nor artificial additives, our sponges might not come in the exact same color, but they all equally allow you to enjoy a more comfortable and healthier kitchen experience. Our sponges are not only friendly to humans, but also to our beloved environment. They are biodegradable and leave no contamination even after being used.????100% HANDMADE AND HEARTCRAFTED BY LOCAL ARTISANS: All loofah sponges are created by a group of housewives and elderly living upcountry. These skilled people are close to the resource but far away from where to sell their products. We just help them connect with you and and make sure everyone receives what they deserve. Buying our sponges is the way to express how much you appreciate their work, and they will send back their ‘thank you’ by improving the product quality for you.????100% EASY TO USE AND TAKE CARE OF: Our sponges will be compressed flat to make it easy for shipping. Just put them in warm water for 2 minutes and they will return to their regular shape. Wash the dishwashing soap off after use, shake off water, and keep them somewhere dry. Unused sponges can be stored for years in a dry place free of dust. The sponge should be replaced when it becomes too squishy to clean your cookware.

    ????100% WARRANTY GUARANTEED: In case our sponges are not like what described, please inform us within 30 days, and we will send the new one to you in no time. We appreciate all your remarks and comments. They are the key tools to develop and improve our handmade and heartcrafted products.

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Bath Sponge

  • Gentle to body skin.
  • Remove dead skin cells.
  • Purify blemishes.
  • Decreases your chance of developing pimples.
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Dish Sponge

  • Non-Scratch.
  • Leaves no micro plastic on cookware.
  • Comes in handy size.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Not conduct heat when cleaning hob or stove.
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Back Scrubber

  • The handle is especially long to scrub your back.
  • The handle made of teak, light weigh yet durable.
  • Removes dead skin cells and decreases your chance of developing pimples.
  • For brighter, younger and clearer skin.
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EGYPTIAN LOOFAH: Extraordinary scrubber from nature.

Thailand is blessed with an abundant supply of clean water, fertile soil, and sufficient sunlight for Egyptian Loofah, the greatest type of loofah for exfoliation. The most significant feature is its firm and fine flesh generating nothing but dense and soft fiber.

To confirm your perfect health, we, the locals in Northeast of Thailand, use no additives and manage to collect only the best loofah for the best fiber. We hope our sincerity can be felt through every piece of products.

HEARTCRAFTED: The happiest people generate the highest quality products.

With this precious loofah work, the locals no longer have to leave their hometown in search of jobs. They can be with their family and strengthen the bond with their community.

Such a delightful working environment allows them to work carefreely and diligently, creating loving atmosphere and providing room for great craftsmanship. There is no greater source of inspiration than this. Your support is deeply appreciated.

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