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About us

The local wisdom and innovative thinking combined to be nothing but ergonomically designed wooden utensils to lift up cooking experience.

Our business model is very simple yet subtle: it all comes from what we firmly believe in — human potential. With great support, ample opportunity, and suitable working environment, people can grow even beyond their limit.

With this in mind, we always put people first no matter what we do.

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We start off with the marketing team. We search for what the market needs and find that in today’s world where everything is easily made by machines, some people still appreciate handcrafted products.

In our homeland, Thailand, there are many wooden handmade kitchen utensils left unknown. We find that they are really suitable for cooking tasks and friendly to nature: they are made of real sustainable teak source (people plant, cut and replant them in cycle) and use no chemicals which is good for both the artisans’ and customer’health.

However, since we want to export them around the world, we have to make the products suitable for any cuisines. Also, we have to redesign the items to be more comfortable to use. Certainly, we can’t do it alone without our local artisans.

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This group of artisans that we meet in Northeastern part of Thailand is everything we look for: They are skilled in carving, have considerable knowledge in what they are doing, know their products well, responsible for the nature and most importantly, they are hardworking and willing to learn new things. They have what we don’t, and we have something to give them in return: market opportunity. Clearly, their skill is undoubtable, and all they need is just a little space to sell what they create.

We feel comfortable to work together, maybe because we both have growth mindset and always want to improve ourselves. The artisans suggest many fresh ideas, and we apply them to ours. They presents us with an ergonomic handle which later becomes our highlight product feature. It is incredibly comfortable to hold and great in design.

We introduce them to some utensils they don’t have in the area like cooking spoon, angled spatula, and butter spreader. They are quite amazed and try to apply their design to it very quickly.

When the products are ready to ship, the only ones who we want to pass on the happiness of working together is our customers. We, the marketing team and the artisans, really want to know what you think of our utensils. We appreciate every remark and comment for it will be the guideline for us on how to enhance the design and quality.

Everytime you review our products, we collect and discuss it in our meeting. Then, we put it to use and express our gratitude through the enhanced products over and over again.





248/53 Kanjanapisek 0015 Salatammasop,
Taweewattana, Bangkok 10170 Thailand